Thesis Editing Services

Thesis Editing Service

Are you a working student or an active researcher enrolled in a Ph.D. degree or Master’s degree program looking for a thesis editing service?

Do you need someone qualified to help you with the professional and academic revision of your thesis chapters?

We can edit your Master’s or Ph.D. thesis for you!

What do we offer with our professional editing service?

✔ Editing of your entire thesis or selected chapters as needed (our price is based on word count, not including references or numbers in tables).

✔ English language correction (English proofreading/copy editing): grammar, spelling, syntax, word choice, phrasing, diction, punctuation, typos, etc.

✔ Useful comments regarding style, clarity, and inconsistencies to help you improve your own editing and writing skills.

✔ Corrections/suggestions regarding the technical terminology in your thesis.

✔ Comments regarding inconsistencies in data presentation and graphic illustrations (figures). We can also provide academic illustration services and formatting (splitting up of figures, combining figures, etc.) of your graphics.

✔ Tracking of all changes in MS Word so you can clearly see what edits were performed and choose to accept or refuse them in your final version.

✔ A FREE English editing certificate with every editing order (upon request) to show your committee.

Who will edit your thesis?

Our contract editors have been trained by our Managing Editors to meet the highest quality standards in English grammar according to our rigorous English editing standards.

After your thesis is edited by one of our contract editors who has expertise in your field of study, it will be further revised by an experienced native-English-speaking quality assurance editor who also has a Ph.D. degree in a science discipline either in your field or close to your field.

Both the professional editor and the quality assurance editor assigned to your thesis will be selected according to their expertise in your field of study. This double revision process will give you an error-free and professionally edited thesis.

Start your publishing journey with us.