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plagiarism check service

Whether you’re an author, publisher, government organization, non-profit or legal firm, if you want to ensure the originality of the paper, then hire PSM plagiarism check service.

Our Plagiarism Check service helps you ensure that your manuscript contains no instances of unintentional plagiarism.

We use Turnitin software to help you identify passages in your manuscript that could be flagged by journals for accidental plagiarism.

You will receive a Turnitin assessment and a report that will guide you in making it clear in your manuscript where you are building on the work of others.

How it works

*We do not guarantee the detection of instances that are not highlighted by Turnitin.

Pricing and turnaround time:

10 dollars

2 days

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How will you check my document for plagiarism?

A: We conduct a thorough check for plagiarism on your manuscript by using Turnitin, software that is widely used in the academic community.

Q: What kind of comments can I expect from the expert?

A: An expert will assess the Turnitin report, comment on the level of plagiarism, and highlight the sections that absolutely require rephrasing to avoid a quality control desk rejection from any journal.